SH Forums giveaway, 2 copies! Steve Hoffman mastered Audio Fidelity dual-layer SACD JEFF BECK “Truth.”

Jeff Beck TRUTH is here! In high def! Playable on all CD players.

Audio Fidelity has two copies to give away for SH Forums members! To enter, simply post once in the thread.

If you are not yet a member, join the forum and post in our giveaway thread. We will pick two lucky winners in a few weeks!

Good luck!




JANUARY 3 2018

Thanks to all who participated in the drawing for these SACDs! And many thanks to Audio Fidelity for donating them!

Both winners will get a copy of the new Audio Fidelity Hybrid SACD of Jeff Beck’s “Truth” (mastered by Steve Hoffman at Marsh Mastering).

And without further ado, please join us in congratulating the drawing winners!

Congratulations to members Nycademon and Sternodox!