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Here Are Several Pages About Steve Depending On What You Want To Know

1. The Steve Hoffman BIO Complete with a photo of Steve and his lovely wife Karla.  

2. The Steve Hoffman FAQ about DCC and the Gold Discs This is the FAQ about DCC and the discs (both vinyl and CD).

3. The Steve Hoffman Philosophy Of Sound This covers everything from Tonality to "Removing The Cloud" to Seeing Is Not Hearing (just because it looks one way on a digital graph doesn't mean it sounds that way).

4. The Steve Hoffman FAQ On Hardware This is not Steve's endorsement of any product. Just his opinions on how things like SACD sound to him as well as speakers, etc.

5. Steve Hoffman Audio Lessons. Four brief lessons from the mastering master. Lesson 1: EQ, Lesson 2:  Remixing and Noise Reduction, Lesson 3: Compression and Lesson 4: Echo/Reverb.

6. Stories About Specific Projects These are insights to projects Steve either worked on or knows about.

7. What Is The Goal Of All Of This? This was written on the Steve Hoffman Forum and is a well thought out piece on accuracy. It was written by Tom Port who goes by Humorem on the forum and sells under the name DCCBlowout on Ebay and runs a website where he sells what is left of the DCC warehouse stock that he bought.

8. Discography For Steve Hoffman is located at his own website which is This has the list of the Hoffman mastered albums and CD's beyond just the gold ones. If you just want to see the gold ones from DCC (including some never released) and the gold ones from other companies, click here.

9. Go To Work With Steve This is a link to the site run by Symposiumusa which makes a product that Steve uses in his work. Go here for a tour of Steve's worksite and some equipment. Then check out the rest of the site for what they make. It's easier to send you there than try and explain what they make and why Steve uses it.

The following Are Actual Interviews With Steve Hoffman.
Some of the information in the FAQ files above came from these interviews.
Some came from Steve himself or the forum.

1. An Interview With Remastering Expert Steve Hoffman concerning his mastering of Bob Dylan's album "Highway 61 Revisited" and the problems with record companies.  
Courtesy of Eldis and their Bob Dylan page.

2. Another Interview With Remastering Expert Steve Hoffman 
Courtesy of:
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3. An Interview With Steve Hoffman published October 31, 2000 in L.A. Life.

4. My own interview with Steve Hoffman conducted on November 13, 2000.

5. Steve Hoffman in Conversation The edited version appearing in issues 108 and 109 of The Abso!ute Sound and this is a link to the entire interview copyrighted 1997 by Mercury's Moon Productions. This is simply a link to their page.

6. Another Steve Hoffman Interview This is an from The Absolute Sound issue 128 by Richard Boesser. 

7. Steve Hoffman Talks With Acoustic Sounds This is an article from the Summer 2002 catalog of Acoustic Sounds which sells audiophile LPs and CDs including remaining DCC discs and new ones from Steve Hoffman for the S & P label.

8. My 2003 Interview With Steve Hoffman Just as 2002 was ending, Steve took time to fill me in on what has been happening since we last spoke in November 2000 for Number 4 on this list and then look to 2003.

The following are related to Compact Discs, Recording, 
Mastering, etc. but NOT directly related to Steve Hoffman.

1. After People Like Steve Hoffman Do Their Magic To The Master Tape...How do you get it put on vinyl so it sounds so good? This is a link to AcousTech Mastering who has the top people on their staff to take a properly mastered tape and put in on a lacquer to press into vinyl including the famous Stan Ricker and Kevin Gray..

2. Article On The Father Of Many Studio And Recording Techniques M. T. "Bill" Putnam This is a link to the article on the Universal Audio website. He started that company that became UREI as well as ran the top notch studios in the late 50s some of which are still in use today and still considered the best. He invented artificial reverb, etc.

3. Home Mastering For Idiots. This is a link to an article at on the importance of having a professional mastering engineer work on you recording before having it put on CD. This is merely a link with all copyrights retained by them.

4. An In-Depth Article On Compact Discs By Doug Hess It mainly covers the basics for people who don't understand about mastering, etc. I wrote this myself and is NOT an interview with Steve. This is what started this whole idea to be a repository for interviews and articles on Steve Hoffman and related items.

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