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July 2017: The Kraftwerk give away, courtesy of Atlantic Records

Atlantic has just released the Kraftwerk 3-D Catalogue and there are FIFTEEN prizes to be given away, including CD, Blu-Ray and Vinyl boxed sets. Some details are:

* The Deluxe Blu-Ray/Book edition combines 4 x Blu-Ray discs and a stunning 236-page hardback art-book containing computer generated images from the 3-D multi-media performances alongside a selection of visually stunning unseen photos.

* The Deluxe Vinyl Box Set has all 8 albums across 9 pieces of vinyl (The Mix being double vinyl) recorded across the world and then mixed exclusively by Kraftwerk at their state of the art Kling Klang Studios in Düsseldorf, Germany. The sound quality is peerless; every bleep, synth beat and nuance can be heard with a crystalline clarity.

To enter, simply post once in the give away thread. Winners will be selected on July 12.

Good luck!
Update July 12. The lucky winners are members:

J .K. Baxter
Ben Adams


June 2017 SH Forums give away! One of two copies of Audio Fidelity SPIRIT self-titled SACD!

Thanks again to Audio Fidelity, we have two copies of the SACD SPIRIT (self titled) to give away!

To enter, simply post once in the thread. If you are not yet a member, join the forum and post in our giveaway thread. We will pick two lucky winners in a few weeks!

Good luck!


Update July 08, 2017

Announcing the two winners of the SPIRIT (self titled) give away, members Oliver and scompton!